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Aggie is an open-source social and online media aggregation tool designed specifically for monitoring events in real time.

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Efficient Data Exploration

Aggie is designed to help you sift through mountains of incoming data to find interesting information. Use full-text search or filter by tag, author, source, status, or date/time. Flag reports for later, and add them to incidents. All with a lightning fast, streaming interface.

Incident Tracking

Reports of interest can be grouped into incidents. Location, veracity status, tags, notes, and other metadata can be added to each incident. Incidents are also fully searchable and filterable. Assign incidents to different team members to divide up the work of tracking.

Team Coordination

“Grab a Batch” to check out a small set of reports to quickly review and flag or add to incident. Multiple team members can scan batches simultaneously and are assured to see different reports.

Twitter, Facebook, SMS, RSS, and More

Pull reports from Twitter, Facebook Pages & Groups, RSS feeds, ELMO Responses, and SMS shortcodes. Aggie supports up to 1,000 incoming reports per second. Toggle and adjust various sources seamlessly to shape the data you are collecting.

Trend Monitoring

Automated and manual analysis come together in Aggie with trend visualizations. Define trends using keywords, sources, and other metadata. Watch trend lines change over time and drill down by clicking anywhere on the chart to see matching reports.


View incidents on a map. Drill down by clicking incident markers.

Design Principles

Technological Neutrality

Supporting content from popular social media platforms along with media originating from pur- pose-built systems.

Computer-enabled Expert Analysis

Automated computer analysis augmenting and enhancing expert human real-time reasoning and decision making.

Real-time Response

Moving from online report aggregation to analysis, escalation and response within one hour.

Big Data

Supporting up to 1,000 incoming reports per second.

Open Source

Aggie is fully open source and welcomes contri- butions.

Featured Deployments

Nigeria 2011

Aggie was first developed to support grassroots, youth-led monitoring of the 2011 Nigerian general elections. Aggie's trend visualization and search features helped uncover unfolding events more quickly than the traditional media and authorities.

Ghana 2012

The 2012 Ghana elections also featured an Aggie-centered “Social Media Tracking Center” (SMTC). SMTC volunteers were divided into three teams: Relevance (who scan for pertinent reports), Veracity (who verify incidents) and Escalation (who pass information to appropriate bodies).

Argentina 2015

Argentina’s 2015 election was the first Aggie deployment to integrate reports from a crowdsourced election monitoring application, called Ojo con el Voto. Aggie’s reports page and trend analysis were publicized to a broad audience through a popular online newspaper.


Aggie was first developed to support grassroots, youth-led monitoring of the 2011 Nigerian general elections. The tool has been used widely since then, mostly in social election monitoring efforts.

Recently, interest has grown into other domains such as hate speech monitoring and disaster response. Read more in this paper.

Aggie is a collaboration between Georgia Tech (where the project began), Sassafras Tech Collective (founded by one of Aggie's creators), and United Nations University - Computing and Society (directed by another of Aggie's creators).

Those interested in research collaboration in the area of social media monitoring or related areas should contact Dr. Michael Best or Dr. Ellen Zegura.